About Swaadhi

When the pandemic hit in 2020,  professional trainers worldwide were struggling to make ends meet.

That’s when Swaadhi came into existence with the sole mission of supporting such professional trainers in sustaining their livelihood and switching to a virtual-only mode of training. It worked on the principle of a two-way profit, both for the trainers under our purview and the organization, at large.

At Swaadhi, we have a vast network of authorized, verified, and certified teachers. We offer an array of online programs on Vedic Maths, and Yoga and we will soon be adding Ayurveda, Sanskrit, and many more similar disciplines.

We aim to grow centered around our core competencies and rich knowledge of ancient Indian science.


Our Mission

We want to be the world’s No. 1 EdTech for Indian traditional knowledge. There is no company in the world right now that is true to Indian culture and its rich tradition.

We are aiming to create a new space in the  EdTech world that adds value to the Indian diaspora.

Why Choose Us?

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Learn anywhere anytime with engaging live classes.


Practical Learning

Small Batches and Customized Courses for every grade.

Expert Tutors

All our teachers are certified & meet international quality standards.





Effective Learning

Meet the Pillars

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Our Inspiration

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a global spiritual humanitarian leader. Inspired by his work to make a difference in the world, Swaadhi aims to solve modern-day problems with ancient traditional knowledge.

Abhishek Pathak

CEO & Founder

Abhinav Pathak

CFO & Co-Founder

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Solving modern-day problems with ancient knowledge in the purest form from deep Indian tradition.

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House No. 441, Ward No. 50, Kamal Nagar Colony, Mirjanhat, Bhagalpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar, 812005