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Our comprehensive Vedic Maths courses have been designed to cater to the needs of the learners.

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Vedic Maths Courses

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30-60 Weeks class

Vedic Maths Courses for Students

Designed to teach students Vedic Maths techniques, which can help them solve complex mathematical problems quickly and accurately, leading to improved academic performance.

8-12 Weeks class

Vedic Maths Teacher Training Prorgam

The Teacher Training Program (TTP) is designed to train teachers on Vedic Maths techniques, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively teach Vedic Maths to students.

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Can anyone learn Vedic Maths?

Both adults and kids can learn Vedic Maths.

Will Vedic Maths classes complement a student’s academic performance?

Yes, it will definitely help children in school maths and math olympiads. Vedic maths will help your child improve calculation speed which is a boon during examinations.

What are the benefits of Vedic Maths Classes?

Most of the kids have struggled with math calculation at different ages in school. Some children face math difficulties at in early age and others when they grow up. Sometimes it becomes a math phobia and children start hating math classes.

But with Vedic Maths classes it can change, maths becomes fun for the child. The engaging curriculum helps kids to eliminate their fear of maths and children start loving maths. 

How is Vedic Maths different from Maths tuitions?

It is an (after-school) math-learning program. Home-based tuition focuses primarily on the school syllabus and preparing students for their tests and exams.

Vedic Maths is a maths skill program that intends to develop the calculative ability of the child. It thereby helps in school maths and also at maths olympiads.

What is the course duration?

The course is flexible and moves at the student’s pace.

Vedic Maths for Students takes from 6 Months to 12 Months to complete depending on the student’s pace.

The Vedic Maths Teacher Training Program takes 2-3 Months to complete.

What is the right age to learn Vedic Maths?

Students from Class 2 onwards can also start learning Vedic Maths.

Teachers can have training from 18 years onwards and even senior citizens can learn Vedic Maths.

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